Happy Stratosphere (mini)


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A TRUE classic parlor and stage gets close up and personal!

One set of Smiley Face Bouncy Balls
Mini Stratosphere tube and cover
Mini Gung-Ho Box
Ball display stand

Stratosphere is a classic trick that has stood the test of time and been a staple for stage, parlor and children’s performers for decades!  Cosmo Solano has taken this time tested set and recreated it in mini form!

A beautiful addition to anyone’s collection, this is a working mini stratosphere set and comes complete with the classic “Gung Ho” Box for vanishing the ball at the end!

*Also included are some added embellishments to make the effect even stronger!


Cosmo always felt that the handling of the three balls during performance was always “awkward”
As a teenager, Cosmo created a small stand for the balls to sit on when demonstrating the effect while working in magic shops. A special display stand for the balls has been included in this set!

Modified Gung Ho Box:

A small base has been added to the Gung Ho Box to allow the ball to be shown inside the box before beginning.
This adds a visual element to the routine giving it a “full circle” presentation!

Made of durable ABS plastic, each set is made one at a time on a 3d printer, and is hand assembled and decorated!

Balls are 1″ in diameter
Ball Tube is approx. 3″ high
Gung Ho Box is approx. 2″ square
Ball stand is approx 3.5″ X 1″X .25″

*This item will ALWAYS show in stock!
This is because we can make them anytime we run out, which means:
Please allow from TO 1-5 days manufacturing and prep time!

We are now “ahead” of the orders so we usually can ship within 1-2 business days.


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